Saturday, December 09, 2017

For The Birds

It is kind of amazing how close one can get to wild birds.
So yesterday afternoon a snow storm came in, which is a big deal for North Carolina, so they closed the schools. Since I was the parent oncall for the day, I ended up home early that afternoon.

I found myself staring out the window, and saw a male cardinal sitting on a snow covered branch. It was rather pretty, but the window had screening so it wasn't conducive to good photography. so I decided to go outside and shoot it from there.
The tree is in our side yard, and I was standing in our front yard under another tree, along side some bird feeders. As I was standing waiting for the cardinals to come back to the side yard, I noticed that many birds were coming around the feeders - just 10ft away.

So I turned around, leaned against a branch, and over the next hour or so got up close and personal to many birds... these shots are some of the results:

OK, this one isn't technically a bird (or even non-technically a bird), but he came close to, so I took his portrait.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Meet The Press

They say one should never believe their own press.  Wise advice.

However it also means I have press to disbelieve, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

The local newspaper, Lenoir News-Topic did a write-up on me and my LEGO photography.  I got front page, above the fold - not bad for my first time out, eh?

I posted photos of the paper as the article is behind a paywall.  You may want to embiggen to read it.

You can see all my public work at or my collection on Google Plus: